Joanne Moore, member of Pinnacle Movement Crossfit 536, Blackrock, Dublin

"After almost 20 years of playing competitive sports a shoulder injury forced me to stop playing, after that I drifted away from playing sports and regular exercise for nearly 10 years. I was in mid 40’s and my life and body needed a lifestyle change. I was never one for the gym but stumbled upon CrossFit in Blackrock. My first CrossFit session wasn’t the prettiest but it identified how out of shape I was. I jumped in to CrossFit with both feet and found that in my head I could do all these exercises but my body was saying NO!!!!. I was making progress but muscle stains and injury kept setting back my progress.

Part of the Blackrock CrossFit classes was a yoga class which I duly included in to my exercise timetable. It was here I and my body felt that the combination of the weightlifting and yoga stretching greatly improved my flexibility, understanding of where my limitations were, what part of the body needed more work and of course giving your head and mind that time to switch off and to focus on me and my body.

Sara Tucker is an exceptional yoga instructor with her in-depth knowledge of all yoga practises and as a crossfitter herself she understands what muscle groups can inhibit the range and demands of the CrossFit exercises. 

From attending her yoga classes for over 2 years I have had no injury or setback and have made more physical body improvements than I did in the first 2 years of CrossFit. The yoga brought me right back to the very basics and I rebuilt from there.

My movement and range in my shoulders, core and hip has now allowed me to develop a range of gymnastic movements that were so far out of reach for me until now. It is not easy and takes hard work and a personal commitment. I struggled initially and my flexibility  was very restrictive. You can’t hide wrong movement in yoga like you can hide and compensate for in CrossFit. It was easier to give it up but I knew that each class I did I was making very small positive progressions. 

I can now do 2/3 strict pull ups, free stand handstand, head stand, perfect push- ups and improved squat range and I look good at it too. 

I really missed  Sara when she moved to Kerry but I wanted to keep up the yoga as it is now as important to me as CrossFitis. My motto  is “use it or lose it” and I want to be fit for my later years in life to continue to have the fun active life I have always lived.  

I now am combining my morning CrossFit class with additional evening yoga classes and I am loving it. I can’t say enough about the importance of doing yoga and it benefits. I only wish I had met Sara years ago and started yoga much earlier in life."

"Frenchie" Catherine Organo, member of Pinnacle Movement Crossfit 536, Blackrock, Dublin

"Sara has totally changed my experience of yoga. The depth of her technical knowledge is an evidence and comes through from day 1. Her passion is very contagious and she brings a very personal vibe into all her classes. Prior to meeting Sarah, I had tried yoga in a few different settings including ashtanga classes for a couple of months, and a kind of vinyasa flow ‘thing’ facilitated through work. None of these attempts ignited any flame in me so much so that I was actually reluctant to try again. My partner attended Sara’s classes before me and her feedback was very good so I did give it a go and never looked back after that. Unfortunately for us leaving in Dublin, Sara’s life led her to different shores. I have no doubt that she will succeed in creating something special again in her new location, to the delight a plenty of lucky new customers, some of whom will undoubtedly become friend with her, just like we did here. Bon vent Sara and all the best in you new endeavour!"