Yoga for Children

More and more research studies are showing that yoga and meditation are of benefit to school going children to assist them with anxiety, self-confidence, body-confidence and exam/test stress, among other things. 

In my yoga for children classes, we practice a range of yoga poses in a story adventure-based approach. We practice forward bends and back arches, twists and inversions, standing poses, seated and lying poses, poses for strengthening and poses for stretching, as well as a lots of silliness a few games and even a little science! Adventures have included Jungle Explorers, A Trip to the Beach, Michael Rosen's "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" story, a Balloon ride and much more! 

Older classes, such as 5th and 6th class age ranges, are more age-appropriate adult-style classes with lots of interaction and input from the pupils. 

I am currently (summer 2020) teaching Yoga for Kids online see details here.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about Yoga for Children in your school or area.

Read a testimonial of my Yoga for Children classes below...

Mary Brosnan, Principal of Tralee Educate Together National School

"Sara’s children yoga classes in our school have been very beneficial. She approaches yoga with kids in a creative and fun way – one day they may be lost in the desert while in another lesson they may be on a hot air balloon ride. All the while she weaves the yoga poses into the make believe. It works a treat and the pupils love it. They are all fully engaged during sessions. They learned how to breathe to relax and calm down in stressful situations."