Mum & Baby Yoga & Postnatal

Mum & Baby Yoga classes are baby-led classes that offer women an excellent opportunity to bond with their babies while getting back into physical fitness postnatally. The class will focus on yoga moves to loosen tightness that comes from carrying and feeding babies, to reconnect with your body after birth, to regain stomach strength and pelvic floor tone - all while bringing baby along for the ride! We also do baby yoga and a little baby massage. Suitable for women and babies from 6-week postnatal up to active crawling. Some courses have tea/coffee/biccies/chat afterwards with guest speakers on matters relevant to new mums.


“I joined Sara’s mom and baby yoga for 5 weeks.  In the beginning I joined for some relaxation, to meet new moms and to get a little bit of down time for baby and me.  Her classes provided me with just that. I got time out for myself and time for baby and me.  I particularly loved her breathing techniques and her exercises were not too strenuous and manageable.  Sara provided mom and baby care workshops on nutrition, mental health etc.  after each yoga lesson.  These were a great addition to the traditional yoga class and provided insightful, supportive information.  They complimented the yoga classes and yoga mindset.  I would highly recommend Sara’s yoga classes and I look forward to going back again if and when baby number 2 comes along.” 


Postnatal yoga follows a general yoga class format, with centring & meditation, physical postures and guided relaxation, but the focus is on mum and her postnatal body and mind. Topics touched on in the Mum & Baby Yoga class are expanded, such as posture, core stability, building strength and safe flexibility, easing tension in neck and shoulders created from constant lifting/carrying/holding/feeding of baby, learning to move in your postpartum body, carrying and lifting baby/carseat, pelvic floor exercises, and postnatal mental health. Mums will be guided to approach their movements mindfully with a view to safely entering other forms of exercise with the knowledge of how to best support themselves. These classes are baby-friendly, so although we won't be doing any work with baby (as in the Mum & Baby Yoga classes), mums are welcome to bring baby along so they can get a class in without having to source childcare. You are also welcome to come by yourself and enjoy some hands-free time! These classes are open to mums of children of any age from 6-weeks postpartum who wish to avail of a postnatal focus within a yoga class.  


I also teach Restorative Yoga Deep Relaxation for Mums workshops: two hour workshops designed specifically for mum (with kids of any age!) to allow them time out to deeply relax and restore their energy reserves and mental health with supported poses, breathing, meditation and deep guided relaxation. Participants are asked to bring a blanket, cushions and eye mask.