Meditation is simply the practice of choosing to focus your mind on one thing. Developing a consistent practice has shown to be beneficial to our mental health. Meditation has been practiced by humans for centuries and there is no one way to practice. People come to a meditation practice for many reasons; some to get some 'breathing space', to take time out from a busy day/life, to bring clarity of mind, to become more aware and in tune with their body and health, to balance emotions, and much more. 

This new class is open to beginners and no previous physical yoga practice is necessary. It will give those in the general yoga classes the opportunity to develop the meditation we do at the beginning of each class, and those newcomers a alternative to the physical practice. Although some use it as part of a spiritual or religious aspect of their lives, this is not a necessary inclusion and will be up to the individual to do so privately, if they so wish. 

Over this meditation course, we will look at a variety of meditation techniques, find the best supported seated position for each participant and discuss tips on developing a home practice.