About Sara Tucker

Yoga Instructor (Dip. YTTC) (Dip. YTI) (Dip. DIYI)

Yoga Therapist (Dip. YTTC)

Yoga for Pregnancy (Dip. YTI)

Postnatal Yoga & Mum and Baby Yoga (Dip. YTI)

BSc Computational Linguistics (DCU)

PhD in Computing (DCU)

I am a qualified yoga instructor and yoga therapist teaching yoga full-time to beginners, intermediate, athletes and sports players, pregnant women, new mums and babies, as well as themed workshops and 1-1 yoga therapy in various locations across Kerry. I focus on alignment-based, detailed instruction and pride myself on having an eye for the individual needs of my class participants.

I began taking Hatha yoga classes in 1998 to help de-stress and stretch out during exam-time. My interest was piqued and I took a teacher-training course with the Yoga Therapy and Training Centre (YTTC) in 2004. Since then yoga has become my vocation and way of life and having experienced first hand the benefit of yoga through both stressful and physically active periods of my life, as well as pregnancy, I feel impelled to bring my knowledge and skills to help people feel more at ease in their own bodies. Having followed a career in Computing and academia for many years, with both a BSc and PhD from Dublin City University, I always knew that whatever I did I would have to teach yoga too.
After receiving my Hatha yoga-teaching certificate from YTTC and a postgraduate teaching certificate from Yoga Therapy Ireland, I went on to be awarded certificates in Yoga Therapy for Arthritis, Back Conditions, Heart Conditions, Respiratory Conditions, Stress-related Conditions, Women’s Health, Digestive Conditions, Immune Conditions, Endocrine Conditions and Special Needs and Men's Health in order to better understand and help those in my classes. I completed my training in Yoga Therapy with the YTTC and am a qualified Yoga Therapist able to take clients on a 1-to-1 private basis to address health concerns through complementary yoga practices.

In Autumn 2008, I began Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training to inform my teaching in the classic, safe and detailed practice that is gained through the Iyengar method, and successfully completed Introductory Level One exams in late Summer 2009 and Introductory Level Two in Autumn 2010. I then trained in Yoga for Pregnancy and Mum & Baby Yoga with YTI, and following my own pregnancies and the birth of my son and daughter, I felt I was in the right place to share what I had learned and experienced with other women.

I have experience in teaching a broad range of groups including beginners, intermediate, mixed-level, pregnancy, mum & baby, cyclists, GAA players (for the DCU GAA Academy), CrossFit athletes, college students, Irish dancers, kids, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and on Yoga Holidays in Ireland and Portugal. My style is alignment-based yoga and I tailor each class to its unique participants and include physical postures, breathing and meditation elements. I also takes clients for one-to-one sessions to work on specific problems therapeutically or to help deepen a person’s practice and understanding of yoga.