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Bookings and enquiries: 087 631 7410


Welcome to Sara Tucker Yoga! I am a full-time yoga instructor with 14 years experience and 6 qualifications in teaching yoga with classes coming soon to Kerry (previous classes were across Dublin and Kildare) providing general yoga, yoga therapy and private tuition, pregnancy yoga, mum & baby and postnatal yoga, yoga for athletes and sports players as well as teaching focussed yoga workshops. You will find detailed information on the type of classes I teach in the About sections above and details of class times and locations in the Classes sections. Looking forward to working with you soon.



  • NEW KERRY CLASSES COMING SOON!! Register your interest for general yoga classes, pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga and yoga therapy 1-1 or small group sessions here or contact me on 087 631 7410 (just give me a while to unpack my house contents and find a community centre/studio/suitable location for classes!)
  • Newbridge classes will run until end of August at which point I am moving so am sorry to say that I will no longer be teaching in Kildare or Dublin. I'll post details of new classes in my new county in September once our move is complete. 
  • Susan Clohosy will be taking over my yoga slots in Newbridge. She can be contacted on 087 697 2679 for information and booking.
  • Huge thanks to all the support I have received over the last 14 years of teaching in Dublin and 9 years of teaching in Kildare. I have built up some great friendships and a wonderful client base that I am very sorry to leave. 
  • Eithne, who owns Pilates for Life Studio in Newbridge hopes to have another yoga teacher to take over my slots - I'll post details here when confirmed.